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Synthesis, Telepathic Communicators,
The Trained Observers (video)
Solstice Forum - June 2018

Economy & Finance, Cultural Creativity,
The Environment and the Devic Kingdom (video)
Equinox Forum - March 2018

Sprituality & Religion, Scientific Servers,
Psychology (video)
Solstice Forum - December 2017

Download PDF - for Spirituality & Religion:- "Chintamani - The Wish Fulfilling Gem Lighting the Way to Shambhala"
Download PDF - for the Scientific Servers:- "The Service Task of Science"

Magnetic Healing, Education in the New Era,
Politics & Social Organising (video)
Equinox Forum - September 2017

Synthesis, Telepathy,
The Trained Observers (video)
Solstice Forum - June 2017

Cultural Synthesis, The Environment,
The Devic Kingdom (video)
Equinox Forum - March 2017

The Scientific Servers, The Psychologists,
Economy & Finance (video)
Solstice Forum - December 2016

Educators in the New Era, Political & Social Organisers,
Religion & Spirituality (video)
Equinox Forum - September 2016

Telepathic Communicators, Trained Observers, The Healers (video)
Solstice Forum - June 2016

"Quilted Storm" first movement, by Michael Fitzpatrick
- for Solstice Forum Cultural Creativity Seed Group Dec. 2015 (audio)

Psychology, Finance & Economy, Cultural Creativity (video)
Solstice Forum - December 2015

Politics & Social Order, Spirituality & Religion (video)
The Scientific Servers, Equinox Forum - September 2015

Trained Observers & Magnetic Healing (video)
& Education in the New Era, Solstice Forum - June 2015

Devic Kingdom & Planetary Synthesis (video)
& Telepathic Communication, Equinox Forum - March 2015

Finance & Economy, Cultural Creativity (video)
& Environment, Solstice - Dec. 2014

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Spirituality & Religion, Science, Psychology
Equinox - Sept. 2014 (audio)

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SGI Cosmic-Earth 

“Seed Groups International participants 
may choose to consciously invoke
extra planetary connections 
and build the patterns that link our planet
with the great Cosmic Intelligences 
Who influence our evolution.
The Challenge is to be in constant meditation,
invoking with our whole being higher guidance
and fully trusting the divine process in every moment.”

Ps. Join us in meditation.
For sharing of thoughts relating to our group work
visit the
Circle of Sharing.

If you have any questions email:

Members Seminars

Economy & Finance, a model of commerce meeting the needs of societies without dependence on the privatised banking industry, with Michael Sauvante with 40 years experience in corporate responsibility and local sustainable economic development - August 2018

Audio:     Video:

CAMBODIA - Prey Veng and Angkhor Wat
A Medical Mission and Spiritual Journey
Seminar with Belinda Baird - May 2018

with Jonathan Eveleigh for Seed Groups International - April 2018

OUTER MONGOLIA - Altai Mountains and the Gobi Desert
A Trekking Adventure and Spiritual Journey
with Belinda Baird for Seed Groups International - March 2017

The Kalachakra and The Path to Shambhalla - Jan. 2015
seminar with Johndennis Govert (Lama Rangdang Namkha) (audio)

Download Slides - PDF